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My (Post) Pandemic Project

Writing EDDIE’S TURN has been a joy and a challenge. As I shared in our last newsletter, I wrote the story while I was dealing with personal trauma during the pandemic. I also returned to the horses and riding, which is how I met my horse Eddie (racing name: Eddie’s Turn).

At the beginning of the pandemic I was told by my doctor to stay home for two weeks. I was considered at high risk for contracting Covid-19 so I couldn’t even go to the store and purchase supplies like everyone else. I missed seeing all those shelves devoid of toilet paper! It was a shock to say the least.

Time went on and I tried to write, but time and again I would get stuck. Finally, I decided to write a post-pandemic short script that I thought would be quick and easy to put together and film as soon as the lockdown was over.

My inspiration was an off the track thoroughbred like the horses I was hanging out with and the medical professionals that I was encountering over zoom when I had my doctor’s appointments. They were worn and harrowed by the experience of trying to keep their patients safe within the confines of the strictures that were in place at the time, yet did an incredible job helping me and others navigate our health and safety.

I was impressed and wanted to tell their story, too. As I started to write, the story of EDDIE’S TURN became cathartic and healing for me, too, physically and mentally. It drove me to ride more frequently because I needed to continue to tap into that inspiration for the story, and so I became physically stronger and more balanced.

Mentally, I experienced a similar transformation. I had to connect with Eddie, be in tune with him for us to progress as partners. That also meant being in the moment, letting things go, and listening to what he was telling me.

Can you relate? Please hop over to Facebook or Instagram to share your stories!


Horses and Healing

"My name is Michelle Stepanian and I adopted an OTTB named Bilbo (racing name: Uh Oh Baby) from CJ Wilson [Win, Place, Home] in 11/2020. Of course, I love talking about my Bilbo.

I've owned quarter horses and always said "I could never own a Thoroughbred, especially one off the track…NEVER" 

One year before I met Bilbo I lost both of my mares within 5 months of each other and swore I would not get another horse. I couldn't imagine going through that heartbreak again.

I met Bilbo at Win, Place, Home. When I first met him, he looked so lost and sad my heart ached for him. I couldn't stop thinking about him. CJ was so great about nurturing my relationship with Bilbo allowing me to open my heart again. The best bond grew from spending time with him during his recovery. I am thankful to her every day.

Fast forward almost 3 years and now we spend our time hanging out, going on walks and enjoying easy, relaxed rides. I really think my sweet boy is now living his best life. He makes me so happy every day and our bond is unbreakable.

Thank you for listening."

Thank you for sharing, Michelle!


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