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End of Year Contributions

While developing EDDIE’S TURN, we made a pledge. 

We pledged to celebrate the power of second chances and opportunities, for all of us to heal, and the incredible connection that exists between horses and humans.

As we have worked to make our short film a reality for over three years now – inspired by the horses and people we met during the pandemic and beyond – we have persisted in moving forward thanks to the generosity and support of horse lovers, mental health practitioners and clients, and film enthusiasts such as you.

We are moving closer to end 2023 that sees us with a finished script and ready to make our film. We look forward to sharing the story of a burned-out nurse and an injured race horse coming together in new careers and second chances with equine therapy, a story that will support organizations working with horses in therapy and with finding new careers for off the track thoroughbreds and other horses ready for their second acts.

This is your opportunity to join us in making an impact on the power of claiming a future and living life to its fullest, empowering all of us to never give up and to always hug a horse.

In this season of giving, consider making an end-of-year contribution to EDDIE’S TURN so together, we can complete our film and share it with nonprofits and others that will continue to share our message of healing …

I would like to Support EDDIE’S TURN with a gift…

Together, we have a lot to look forward to in 2024. With your support, we will work with an equine special trainer to ensure that our animal actors are prepared to perform.

We will cast the best human actors to tell the story of Terry, her uncle Sam who deals with his own painful loss, and their friend veterinarian and veteran George, who knows the power of horses in healing.

To capture the story in its fullest, we will work with some of the best professional filmmakers in the industry.

And we will move toward a strong festival campaign in partnership with the many organizations that we are working with.

As independent filmmakers, donations are vital to creating and sharing EDDIE’S TURN – celebrating mental health, horses and healing, and the power of second acts. 

Your donation of any amount will help EDDIE’S TURN to have a transformative impact on people and horses as we discover the incredible possibilities that joining together will open up.  


Annika Hylmö, Writer/Director of EDDIE'S TURN


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