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A Nurse and A Horse

EDDIE’S TURN tells the story of a burned-out ICU nurse, a disabled former racehorse, and a newly widowed ranch owner who all are struggling now that they have hit “a wall”. But somehow, they find a way to break through to realize that there is so much more ahead of them than they could have imagined. It is a story of healing and hope.

The newsletter that you have in front of you is an invitation to not only follow along with the making of the film (thank you!) but also to get involved in the process by donating what you can or sharing our story with others. So far, we have received several beautiful contributions and invite you to join them. Along the way, you will learn more about our project and the people, horses, and organizations who will benefit from the finished film.


Horses and Healing

Those of us who love horses know that they are fantastic healers. EDDIE’S TURN is a story about healing, and with every newsletter we will introduce you to a human - horse partnership that tells that story.

I would like to begin by introducing you to my own relationship with my horse, Eddie (racing name: Eddie’s Turn), now 12, who inspired the film to begin with. I came back to horseback riding during the recent pandemic. I was alone and lonely, and struggled with PTSD after a major car accident that was followed by several minor ones. I could barely drive and jumped at the sight of people.

At that point, I pushed myself into trauma therapy and also called up a friend who bred and trained thoroughbred race horses to ask if I could come for a visit. When I did, I immediately started to feel better. I’ve been prone to anxiety, but the horses calmed me and helped me to find a center again.

Over time Eddie and I became friends and are now partners. He reminds me of my core values and how to manage my boundaries better, lessons that have helped me to have better connections with my non equine relationships. And, yes, he shows me that there is a time for speed and a time to take it slow. For fun, take a look at Eddie’s sleek win as he races to the finish line at Santa Anita Race Park on October 12, 2013!


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